Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh! See what I got!

lived up to its name and was
and there were 
parties and tea galore!

A lot of these
Tea Parties 
had giveaways




These were the prizes in the giveaway 
generously given by Susan, of
who had the most wonderful 

Susan has a blog 
full of altered images 
and she makes very lovely ATC's
(Artist Trading Cards)
and other goodies.
You can see her skill and wit
in the wee box that I found 
when I opened the box and 
parted the pink tissue paper

 The sweet little box is just enchanting,
 with its sweet little diorama and the grass and berries. 
Just look at the colours
complemented by that soft, gleaming gold
And there's a green and gold tea cup on it! 
Just like the one in the box.

The cup is a beauty. 
English bone china with a Art Deco feel to it, 
with a tiny handle and,
 my favourite thing, 
a design inside the tea cup!
 I always love that, 
like an extra surprise or a secret.

Thank you, thank you, Susan!
It's so lovely and it remands me of England.

In doll news
I'm finally painting the leopard face on 
 my circus leopard lady.

Still need work.
And some hair.
And a sparkly costume!


  1. What lovely things you received. And, the leopard face is really amazing. Incredibly detailed.

    1. Thank you so much, Amy. I was thrilled with the artist box and the sweet little tea cup. (I love tea cups!)

  2. Congratulations! Such lovely goodies. Your leopard lady is coming along very nicely:)Is she painted cloth or paper clay or both?

    p.s. I found a new doll blog...just started blogging...super talented lady......

    1. Oh, thank you for the new blog link. She's amazing. I'm having a problem joining her follow, though. I'll keep trying.

      The Lady Leopard is a bit of a chimera. The original head was a leather head that didn't work and was lopsided. There's paper clay over that, to straighten it up and to add the cat features.

  3. I'm just getting back to the blog, but had to look at yours and see what you're doing. Your circus lady looks AWESOME. I could never, ever paint, and yours looks so good. I'm jealous. I'll just have to be satisfied with what I can do already.

    1. Hi there, Simon and thank you for popping over!I'm so glad you like my circus lady. The leopard face has taken me a while to paint and I had a lot (Like, a LOT) of leopard face references. The nice thing about painting doll faces in acrylics is that if I mess it up, I can just paint over it again!

  4. I am loving the leopard circus lady :) Lovely prize, am off to check out her blog.


    1. Thank you, Victoria! And yes, you'll love her ATCs.

  5. Congrats on your win! Can't wait to see leopard lady once you've completed her.

    1. Thank you, Sherry! I hope to get her done soon and put up some photos.

  6. such a beautiful box...and I'm in love with your tea cup!! lucky you!!
    your leopard circus lady is just marvelous...i wish i could paint 1/100 as well as you!!

    1. I was thrilled by the giveaway. The cup is so sweet and delicate and I love the little box. I'll have to find a weeny cloche for it, I think.

      Thank you about my leopard lady. I'm really looking forward to settling down and getting her dressed.

  7. Your most welcome! I am glad you enjoyed your gifts:) I look forward to swapping ATC's with you!!! Have a Most Wonderful Day!

    1. Oh yes, they're gorgeous! Yes, this is me doing my first ATC swap.


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