Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I caught a fairy!

I caught a fairy,

 by the toe!

But then, of course, 

I let her go...

What kind of monster
would I be

to keep a fairy,
just for me?

That's enough of Pantomime
(I really must stop this rhyme)
But I must say 'thank you' to you all
Your support isn't something small.
It helped me put this doll together
When she broke and  I thought 'Why bother?'
 So, Thank you, Thank you, Gentle Friends
And with that, this rhyme ends.

So, yes, she's done. I have a pack of this kind of sculpey going rock hard in the bottom of my craft stash, and I'll never use it again. And yes, even with dolls this small I will use an armature! I promise!
The Pink Fairy will adorn my Fairy tree, which will be a Christmas tree very soon. She's made of the aforementioned nasty sculpey, an odd scrap of lace, lambswool hair, silk ribbon and a pair of real cicada wings. No, I didn't kill the cicada. Yes, I had to pull the wings off its huge, crumbling body...

Feel free to comment in rhyme...


  1. What a delight to see this waif of pink
    Whole and well and rosy of cheek
    When I heard of her woes
    My heart it did sink
    But now relieved that through
    Your branches she'll peek....

    Yeah...that stinks but you get the drift... ;o)
    She's lovely....I'm glad you attended to her...she was so worth the effort....

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Shes lovely and I know what you mean-when things go wrong I feel like smashing the doll to bits!!!!

  3. Enchanting! So glad you fixed her - she's wonderful. I have enjoyed my visit and am your newest follower,

  4. Dear Crow, thank you for the rhyme
    I know you're rather pressed for time
    So it was sweet of you write
    Yes, Miss crow, you're outta sight!

  5. I'm glad it's not just me who wants to jump up and down on dolls that won't just come right!! Thank you, Patricia!

  6. Hi there and welcome,Kathy! Yes, I'm glad she glued together without an major problems

  7. I won't reply in rhyme--this time. At least, not purposely.
    Your lovely little companion has her own personality, no?
    Very beguiling and endearing.
    The wings are really spectacular. You must really have the gift for this sort of creativity. Lovely.

  8. Oh so cute and lovely...I'm not a poet as I well know it...so no rhyme ye'll get from me...Hee Hee:)

  9. oh my, to comment in rhyme? I wonder, can I pull off such a thing? I cannot imagine the time, it took to create this bitty creature of wing. She is lovely to that I can attest and now I shall put this ridiculous rhyme to rest ;)

    I am horribly impressed. And I love that you used cicada wings! Brilliant.
    oh, and Happy Pink Saturday

  10. Oh what a tree, we can not wait to see!
    happy ps!

  11. That's very kind of you to say
    But she wasn't work, she was play
    and as you make things, you probably know
    what fun it is to paint or sew
    Thank you for your comment, CailinMmarie.
    Would you like a cup of tea?

  12. Wow, Jenny, you sent a comment in rhyme
    I'm honoured that you took the time.
    And yes, of course, I'll show the tree
    when it's covered in fairies and stars, you'll see.

    (can anyone help me stop this rhyme?
    It's twenty past twelve and I've run out of time!)

  13. Fairy, fairy quite contrary,
    Did you really catch and let her go?
    Fairy, fairy quite contrary,
    Katy-did wings? Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!
    Fairy, fairy quite contrary,
    Cicada! Cicada! Don't you know?
    Fairy, fairy quite contrary.
    It's time for me to go!

    A challenge, but fun!
    I truly do have to "run"!


  14. Goodness I don't know what to say!
    I never expected this, anyway.
    Your response has made me drop my jaw
    (no kidding, it's now on the floor)
    Thank you so for taking the time
    and making your response in rhyme.

  15. Fairies are so sweet and yours is a deary! My daughter has some that we made little habitats for! Too cute!

  16. Oh! Olivia! That sound wonderful! Fairies need habitats. They're an endangered species!

  17. I'm probably all out of rhymes now - but wanted to let you know that I mentioned this post on my current Pink Saturday post. Yep, I'm out of rhymes (for the time being!) Thanks, Jenn

  18. Oh! Thank you very much, Jenn! How sweet of you! And yes, I was impressed by your rhyme!


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