Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Hair

Well, she doesn't look much different, but at least she now has hair.  It still needs arranging and she still needs some colour in those pale cheeks. And wings. And, possibly, clothes.


  1. You're right.I can plainly see that she is a natural redhead! She's coming along famously. I think she is deserving of a pair of wings.

  2. Oh! Thank you, Patti! That's very sweet of you to say so! Yes, I've been thinking about wings and what to make them of. She's not really a fairy without wings!

  3. I think she is quite positively breathtaking....And you know - there are times that clothes are overrated. I believe a pair of wings may be all this nymph needs....Well done my little fairy creator....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Rhisanna ! Thank you for those lovely words on my blog, I answered and welcomed you but my comments are gone ! I looove your blogs !
    Helen X

  5. breathtakingly magical!!
    a pair of wings...she's a beauty!!
    clothes might only hamper her..she has the look of a lovely free spirit!

  6. Lovely fairy! Thanks for your very encouraging words on my blog! I also LOVED your Paris trip! So cool! I want to make,a steampunk doll eventually.


Thank you all for the wonderful and supportive things you say! I'm thrilled to read them and I reply to each one.