Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dollmakers on Thursday : Paula McGee

I first found Paula' McGee's,dolls on Elfwood, the original fantasy art website.
 I would type in 'cloth dolls' and up would come Paula's creations

 I loved their expressively drawn faces, their gorgeous clothes and their wonderful feet.

Look at  those sweet little feet!

As I moved around the internet over the years I'd find her dolls popping up, here and there.

on Etsy
I adore her sweet little mousy face
and in Blogland

Look at that corset! Gorgeous!

I've loved her dolls for a long time and I'm always happy when I find them popping up in a new part of the web. Looking at Paula's dolls I've been encouraged and I've learned a lot. Without her, I'd never have learned about Pigma Micron pens for drawing faces. Or tried Tibetan lambswool for rag dolls.

She also does the most amazing doll cloth hands. 
Will you just look at these? They're sewn, people!

I mean, seriously fabulous hands.

So please, take a trip over and see Paula's wonderful dolls.
 I hope they delight you as much as they delight me whenever I find them.


  1. Oh, my!!! Such lovely beings she's created!
    Look at those fingers! And her ability to make feet look sweet is truly amazing--hands and feet seemed hardest to me back in my days of trying on soft sculpture for size. I never was very good at it, but enjoyed learning--which means I can appreciate all the more what goes into the real workings of the doll maker's art.
    Delightful post!

  2. Thank you, both. And, dear Miss Possum, I'm glad you understand just how amazing those soft-sculpted hands actually are.

  3. Oh wow, Beverley,
    These are totally dreamy!! What gorgeous dolls!

  4. Oh wow! That is one talented lady, she must have tons of patience, they are stunning!! I just love coming here to see dolls!


  5. Thank you for turning us on to a Fantastic Talent in the Doll making world ! yes the hands are wonderful .xoxo Heather

  6. I made one of her dolls once for someone at work. They bought the pattern and supplies and I made the doll. It was called Bryer and it had lovely curly toes:) It turned out very well.

  7. WOw I find the stories on these dolls just fasinating, Can't believe the re-paint on the older post.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway. I entered you in for the bonus as well. best of luck
    hugs Lynn

  8. Aren't they cute.Thanks for the visit to my blog
    Carolyn xx

  9. Rhi, I just found this.... Love, love, lurve you dear, thank you so so much for the lovely bloggie post!

    fairy doll hugs, ~P~

    1. My pleasure, Paula! I've been a fan from way back!


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