Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dollmakers on Thursday: Teresa Terry Churcher

This time I'm waving the flag for a UK Dollmaker, 
 Teresa makes adorable dolls; realistic babies and children 
with wistful expressions and sweet, pensive faces. 

These are cloth dolls, 
with cloth-over-paper-clay faces,
 painted and shaded.
They have little rounded limbs, carefully proportioned clothes 
and a wonderful sense of self-possession and character.

A lot of Teresa's dolls treasure their own dolls, 
a charming conceit that adds to the realism of the doll, 
and gives each little figure its own imaginative world.

The quality of modelling in these dolls is stunning. 
Look at their chubby little fingers, their round knees, the soft turn of their wrists.
Here is an unpeeled one,  a 20 inch tall cloth doll, to show the construction,

Teresa makes these cloth dolls from  large babies, as seen above,
 to older children, standing at about eighteen inches tall. 
Here is a marvelously stoical Alice, 
holding onto the poor baby piglet in a bonnet.

There are also polymer babies, 
really  lovable little bundles all of six  and a half inches long, 
with sweet baby faces and clothes and tiny toys to match.
Here is a solemn little girl with her doll

And here is a sleeping baby boy, with his rabbit (couldn't resist this one)

You can find Teresa on Facebook and Deviant Art. 
She has an Etsy shop, as well as her own website.


  1. Those are some amazing dolls!! But, gotta say - that last little baby boy with his rabbit is especially amazing. Thanks for sharing this incredibly talented artist with us....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. He's a poppet, isn't her? I love the way the rabbit is clearly awake and alert while the boy is fast asleep! Thank you for hopping over to comment. You always say such nice things!

  3. Hi Rhissanna
    thankyou sooooo much for this fantastic blog on my dolls.
    Really wonderful - bless you!

    Teresa Terry Churcher

  4. I was very happy to do it, Teresa. You have such lovely dolls.


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