Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dollmakers on Thursday: The Steampunk Fairy

This week, I'm bringing you a flight of fairies. Little steampunk fairies, with tiny top hats, goggles and wings embellished with cogs and sprockets. if you're interested in Steampunk, please pay a visit to Steam Tea Travels, for a elegant Airship ride to Paris. bring your links to the Linky party. 

The steampunk theme is very attractive to the fairy dollmaker. It dilutes some of the spun sugar and adds a brassy edge to the sparkle. There is such a large collection of steampunk fae on the internet I've limited my choice to polymer clay creations, with one or two exceptions.

This gorgeous creature is by  Elvenelysium on Deviant Art. See the cute little bloomers, the de-constructed crinoline and wings made of brass tubing and watch gears?  She is a 12" poseable doll and she is simply  wonderful.

This is a steampunk fairy by Amanda Katheryn on Deviant Art. Polymer clay. I love the eyelash skirt trim and the watch.

 This pensive creature in the top hat is called Jolie and she's by Nenufar-Blanco on DA. The quality of modelling on these figures is awe-inspiring. I love her pose.

This sweet creature is Solice and by a dollmaker I admire a lot,  Roxanne 74 on DA. Her cute little boots and the silver mounts on make her Steampunk. And she's cute enough to be here anyway.

 This is a close up (let me get this right) of  Steampunk Princess Angel Face, from cdlitestudio  She tips her top hat in greeting. I love the knitted cuffs and the devil-may-care attitude. I know she's not a fairy, but a steampunk princess angel is pretty close.

Time flies. The themes of time and flight are common in steampunk. Here we have them with the peacock feathers and  top hat on Lu Lu  a new doll by Wren's Fairy Realm.  I love her slouchy pose; clearly she has all the time in the world.

This? This isn't a fairy. Does it matter? He's an ugly but cute  steampunk doll by Bob Basset. and I'd post a link, but I can't find it.

The glorious Marina Bychkova touched upon steampunk themes and, although this isn't a fairy, the character of Frankenstein's Bride is clearly a suitable subject. Here, a curious headdress keeps Doctor Frankenstein's creation alive as she poses in her white lace dress.

And, finally, a Steampunk Cinderella coach. Why?
Why not?.


  1. Oh Rhisanna, what gorgeousness. thanks so much for posting these. Also thanks for your lovely comment on my French music ephemera sheets.
    hugs June x

  2. Oh Goodness such a delightful gathering and the coach is priceless!

  3. Positively magical - each and every one. You are so leading me into temptation. (Of the very best kind!) Smiles & Fairy Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Lots of inspiration for my doll challenge....I was thinking of a steampunk fairy so maybe that's what I'll do:) So many possibilities.

  5. Such a wonderful collection of beautiful art! Thank you for stopping by my blog, Rhissana...with those wonderful comments. Going to become a follower:)

  6. These are gorgeous--truly wonderful.
    I love fairies, and each one of the ones you've shared has its own personality.
    But the pumpkin coach has got to be about the cleverest and most charming bit of 'punkery this possum's seen in quite a while.
    Glorious, really--it's so delicate and finely made.
    Love it!
    Great post--a fun read.

  7. Love, love the steampunk fairy! It is one of my fav styles!

    Thank you so much for stopping by..... the orris root can be orderd through herb catalogs...just google ...


    love, kelee katillac

  8. those faeries are adorable and beautiful, my most fave probably solice, but all of them are so beautiful! thanks for dropping by my blog and following me, i'm following you back!


  9. This is a magnificent post! I love all of these dolls and the coach. Your prose is perfect in description and not only kept my attention but had me asking for more.

  10. OMG I love coming to your blog and looking at these works of art! It is so fascinating, the incredible talent out there!


  11. All I can say is that they are so wonderful!!!!!Richard from My Old Historic House.

  12. You are one talented cookie, they all look wonderful and full of so much mystery and whimsey. I love your work, Kathy


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