Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dollmakers on Thanksgiving Thursday: The Prim

This is possibly a big cheat (because I just grabbed pictures and ran) but if you're in the USA, today is a big and busy day, and if you're not, this is a fine example of one of the most American of crafts.
 Prims and the Prim doll.

Prim Plain Jane
A Prim doll is a sewn figure which is made in a simple way,
 from homespun cloth and calico and printed flour sacks,
 which is then antiqued and aged.

Jesse Doll

 It's not intended to be a child's toy, rather, it's designed to look as if it's decades old, and is placed with other rustic objects to evoke an feeling of times past.

Primitive Pilgrim
 Its simplicity is its charm.

Happy Thanksgiving

Prim Turkey

If you are a Prim dollmaker, or you know one, feel free to add links and blogs in your comments. 

I'm off to have Turkey Dinner!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! If you ever want to work more with prim join the gang at Prim Pals

  2. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving and that's exactly the kind of information I need!

  3. Great primmies!! You know this ol crow loves her prims....I have way to many "favorites" to list...but many are part of teams such as the following:

    Seriously....I could give you a list a mile long...


    Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with joys and blessings....

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Wow! I'd no idea you could get such mileage from so simple an idea! Each one of these dolls--even the turkey (smashing, really!) speaks to me of long ago childhood, and of things vanished which can't be recaptured.
    Very pleasant Thanksgiving meal accompaniment. I wish I'd caught sight of it soon enough!

  5. Thank you, Miss Possum. I have to admit, these seem to be the most genuinely American crafted dolls I know.I will have to try one (as soon as I get my citizenship, or I'll feel a bit of a fraud)

  6. I have never heard of prims! They look hundreds of years old and are destined to be heirlooms!



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