Friday, May 31, 2013

Dollmaker on Thursday. Liz Stuckey at Rococo Barocco.

(Pretend it's Thursday.)

This week's Dollmaker
is Liz Stuckey

Liz makes the most wonderful 
boudoir dolls.

Gorgeous ladies on a theme of Marie.
This one is sunny and golden.

I love the details;
the little shoes,
the tiara,
the earrings!

I should point out that Liz
also makes these lovely things
in people size, too.

(Liz fills her with little gifts)

Liz's Marie dolls
show a delightful playfulness
with the 18th century Rococo theme.

 Why not?

I really love the roses on the shoes
and the naughty masquerade mask.

How about a
I have your attention now, haven't I?

Liz's other enduring theme
is the artist 

There are earrings.
 (See above!)

There are scented sachets.

As well as all these
amazingly creative talents,
Liz is an absolute sweetheart!

I admired one of her little keys around
a Marie's neck, and she sent me one,
all sweetly wrapped.
She also sent me some wonderful hat straw,
and instructions on how to use it.

Thank you, Liz!

Liz makes some pretty amazing hats.

(I love, love love,
the  diamante 
mermaid skeleton!)

my favourite dolls accessory?

The fabulously Baroque

I know!

Aren't these wonderful?

Pop over to Liz's Etsy shop
and see some of her wonderful things.


  1. Love, love, love! Her dolls are stunning! I have to say the first one is my favorite :D

    1. Isn't she gorgeous? That colour is period-correct, too. A lot of gowns were made in this glorious golden yellow. Thank you for sharing it on facebook!

  2. This is one talented woman! Her dolls are creative, happy and the workmanship is beautiful!
    Thank you so much for sharing this artist with us!

    1. My pleasure, Penny. I look forward to writing this every week.

  3. Very nice ! Hmm I wonder if I could pull of sporting a pair of steam punk goggles ~ would love to try!

    1. You should! And show us the pics! Everyone looks good in steampunk goggles. People, animals, everyone!

  4. Loved her dolls! Yes, a steampunk doll has just striking appearance! the secret in the glasses of course :)
    I liked the tiara with a mermaid skeleton too - never seen any such!
    Thanks for introducing us to another lovely doll maker, Rhissanna :)

    1. It's part of my blog I love to write and since joining Facebook I find all kinds of doll makers who really deserve to be better known. Those steampunk goggles are really sweet, aren't they?

    2. Yes, they are! Imagine to have such in adult size?;)hehe

  5. Yes she is a wonderful dollmaker. Love her dolls. Those shoes are to die for.

    1. Aren't they gorgeous, Shashi? I'm just so delighted with the dolls she makes.

  6. Very, very talented and very, very cool!! Love all her creations!!! A+++

    1. Thank you, Magic Love Crow. She's as sweet and wonderful as her dolls!


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