Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Return of the Return of Doll Maker on Thursday!

Well, hello there!
This is a 

(Please note, 
these aren't my photographs.
They're Georgina's.
I wish I could take photos as nice as this!)

(PS, see that fab hat?

This lovely creature

I've been following for quite some time.

She makes gorgeous dolls,
from the sweet Claude here.,

to the fantastically exotic
and ethereal

Georgina's dolls
challenge our notions of
a doll's anatomy.

This is Spoilt Claudia,
an Aracna doll,
with a spider's many eyes
and a spider's eight limbs.

Here she is as a

Spider legs and all those eyes.

And here she is completed,
with her surprisingly sweet pout
and dreamy gaze.

All Georgina's dolls
are beautifully photographed,
and seem to inhabit
a glamorous environment
where they are completely at home.

Here is The Faun
as a WIP.

Here she is,
lounging by candlelight.

I love photographs of dolls held in the hand,
so here is the Faun again.
Georgina has given her
delicately fluffy and convincing faun legs
and graceful, elegant arms.

The dolls' bizarre bodies
and exotic faces
are complemented
by exquisite costumes
and ornate accessories.

Here, a flowing pink gown
contrasts with the avian face/mask.

Another doll-in-the-hand shot.
This is the Sleeping Demon.

The Sleeping Demon
has an intricate
bronze headpiece
and is otherwise naked,
showing her jointed limbs 

Here are her beautifully sculpted teeth
in what is possibly 
the nicest photo ever
of a doll's teeth.

Georgina's work is always fascinating
and I truly enjoy the way her figures
push the boundaries
of what we find beautiful
in a doll.
I think her dolls deserve 
to be better known.

Find her dolls
in her Etsy shop,


  1. A true Artist!
    Thank you so much for sharing her work.

    1. Thank you, Penny! And thank you for visiting.

  2. Oh wow, thank you for featuring her. When people are that talented I always wonder...How does their mind work, where do they get those incredible visions of finished work...I guess we will just call it a GIFT! thank you for sharing...So fun!


    1. Georgina's dolls are very different, aren't they? And yes, I think she hads a gift. Thank you for visiting, Carol.

  3. Oh my, thank you for introducing me to another wonderful artist! :)

    1. My pleasure! We dollmakers have to dig around to find each other. That's partly why I'm re-opening my Dollmaker on Thursday feature.

  4. I got a little scared by the dolls looks...I mean they are beautiful, but obviously not for the kids :) She makes very delicate details - I liked it very much!

    1. Thank you! I understand what you mean, these are really different and new dolls. That's why I like her vision so much. It's different.

  5. Amazing dolls! Wow! Her creations are breathe taking! Thanks for sharing ;o)

    1. Thank you MLC! I thought you'd like her lovely dolls.


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