Saturday, September 1, 2012

Look! Dollmaking!

 Here are little Ella and Amy,
both are being worked on right now

As Ella says
'It's 'bout time!'

Amy is a doll based (very loosely) 
on the singer Amy Lee.

 The inspiration for her outfit 
is the Victorian  plaid dress
worn in this video.

Here Amy is being measured up for a body. 
She has painted little black gloves
and a pair of glam high heels.
See that lace?
Isn't it gorgeous? 
It look like vintage, 
wrapped up in that pretty blue tissue paper.
I'm going to buy more, 
just because I love how it was wrapped
(that, and I have a trimmings hoarder issue)
Amy's body is the same design as Ella's, 
but the shoulders are different, 
so there'll be some fiddling around to get it to fit.
Here it is, sewn, but the head and shoulders 
need gluing to the body.
I'd had Amy's outfit decided 
long before I started to make her,
but I had no idea how to dress Ella.
I was going to make her pastel and pearly,
pale and princess-y
but then Hubby bought me some flowers.
Love men that buy flowers!
and I knew I had some lace that was 
red and pink and green.
Inspiration is the best cure for procrastination!
(I should get that printed on a t-shirt)
Here is Ella's moss green silk jacket,
with the lovely pure cotton lace.
And here she is with her red lace skirt 
over a red silk petticoat.
I wanted a costume that was a little 18th century,
with Marie overtones.
Everything is pinned on her right now.
but as soon as I post this 
I'm picking up that needle and thread.
She might even be finished tonight!


  1. That lace in the blue paper does look vintage by the way it's packaged. I love the red,pink and green lace...yummy. She's going to be loverly:)

    I also have a trim hoarding issue...oh well:)

    1. It's quite all right, May Ann, your secret is safe with me! That lace sews up so beautifully, and a lovely scale for dolls. I'm just going to have to get some more.

      Thank you! I hope she looks nice when she's all done. She's waited for two years to finally have some clothes.

  2. My, you have been busy! I love how Amy and Ella are turning out.. You do such beautiful work.. I too, love the vintage look white lace..
    How funny, they are holding that sign... what do we want? Clothes. I love your sense of humor.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank you so much, Penny. Yes, the protest placard was a spur of the moment thing. They have been so patient!

  3. Wow! You make it seem so easy. I love the clothes and the lace is gorgeous!


    1. Thank you, Dee! I have to admit, I love the lace, too. Now I'm looking for more things to sew it to...

  4. I luv a step by step.
    You make it look so easy ^_^
    Looking forward to seeing your pretty girls all dressed up.
    Gan canny.

    1. I peep over to see your BJD collection for clothes inspiration. You've got some lovely stuff, lass.

      Did you send over this Newcastle weather we're having? It's much appreciated!

  5. Oh wow she is turning to be a gorgeous lady!

    1. Thank you so much, Shashi! It's always nice to hear that from another dollmaker :))

  6. Thank you for visiting Rhissanna,
    You liked that hat? I believe it is cheesecloth.. Black net I picked up..
    So happy you enjoyed Bebe and Bink.
    Take care,

    1. Thank;s for popping over, Penny and yes, I loved the hat!


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