Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sarah Beare and Twelvemo

Sarah Beare is a Dollmaker in Norwich 
and she makes a tiny little articulated doll 
called Twelvemo

It was the pose of this doll that first 
caught my attention on Etsy.
She seemed to be telling a story with her eloquent
stance, all the more remarkable for 
a doll not quite six inches tall.

Twelvemo with graphite finish
Sarah's scuplts are cast in resin and the doll
 is pieced together and fitted by hand. 

The doll above looks to have the patina 
of ancient ivory carvings.
This finish brings out the detail of her face 
with its enigmatic expression,
allowing us to interpret the doll's emotions.
I find the joints more attractive 
and less intrusive than strung BJD
and I'm really impressed by the doll's flexibility.

Sarah's blog  narrates her experiences 
in turning this one-off, handmade art doll
into a doll that allows some mass-production. 
It's an interesting journey and I'm completely behind
 her mission of making the doll more affordable.

For purely selfish reasons. 
I want one.

Prototype on left, original on right
 Sarah is new to blogging, 
so if people could go over there and say 'hello'
I'm sure that would be much appreciated.

There's an Etsy shop, too. 
Sarah makes more than dolls. 
She also creates these versatile and 
compelling figures in silver
for pendants or earrings or just tactile play.

Also, if you're in the Norwich area, 
I think today is the last day of her exhibition.

(That's to you, Kate Dogherty! 
You and your FORTY TWO
 twelfth scale dolls houses...)


  1. Breath taking when you consider the size of that little doll. So much detail.

    1. Aren't they, though? I was really fascinated by the joints, so neatly done. Than you for visiting, Mary!

  2. Replies
    1. My pleasure, Sarah. I just wish I was within reach of Norwich and could see them in person.

  3. These are absolutely stunning. THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME and I love your bunnies with wings! Anita

    1. Thank you so much, Anita! I really love the images on your blog (and very flattered you like my bunnyflies) Aren't we both up early? Isn't it nice?

  4. Wow thats amazing Rhissanna, thanks so much for sharing this my friend
    hugs June x

    1. Thank you, June. They're amazing figures, aren't they. I just wish I was close enough to Norwich to go see them.


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