Thursday, May 24, 2012

The return of Dollmakers on Thursday

and an update from Sarah Beare and her 1/12 scale figure, Twelvemo.

Sarah's prototype figures are on their way to her,
 from China.  I'm so excited about this enterprise.
Read here for the latest from her blog.

I've also made some progress on the Munzerlite Lamp.
Miss Munzerlite poses for the admiration
of  AliĆ©nore's Birthday party.
Now she has a petticoat 
(and arms instead of wires.)

 Miss Munzerlite  would originally have had.
 a 1850's Victorian ballgown 
topped with a poke bonnet.
Now, obviously, a Victorian lady wouldn't wear 
a ballgown with a poke bonnet, but this is
Victoriana seen from the perspective of  a 
1930s boudoir doll.

I vant to be alone...
  Hence Miss Munzerlite's 'Greta Garbo'
pout and sultry eyes. See?

There's still a week and a day to sign up
for my first ever GIVEAWAY ! ! !
There will be flowering Chinese teabags, 
vintage lace, a bag o' bunnies,
all kinds of little goodies.
Just put a word in the comments section here.


  1. Vintage lace?!! I'm all over that.

    1. I've got some nice pieces I'm including, but I really don't think I have anything as spectacular as your hand made stuff.

  2. Ahhhh...Miss Munzerlite is looking ever so loverly.... Can't wait for the grand finale.... (Are you delaying my dear, knowing that farewell will be heartwrenching???) :o) Robin

    1. Perceptive as always, Miss Crow. You may have a point, there. I know I'm taking a lot of photos and idly glancing at Ebay to see how much they are.*sigh*


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