Saturday, March 24, 2012

WIP What's new, Pussycat?

I actually started this doll a while ago.
 Four years or more.
 I found some animal print cloth,
with a warm brushed cotton finish
and made a body and tail. 
but I was never happy with the face.
I'd moulded a leather head and painted it,
 but none of the faces I painted looked right, 
so I put the body away.

However, today I had all kinds of things to do.
The washing machine has stopped working.
 It fills, but won't drain or spin,
so every load I wash has to be wrung out by hand
 and  the machine emptied by bucket.
Really boring stuff.
I decided to cheer myself up and dug out some paperclay.
Miss Kitty's more feline features are the result.
The eyes look a bit odd but 
I'm happy with the general shape of the nose and muzzle 

Tomorrow, there will be more drudgery 
with the washing machine.
Between loads,
I hope to finish the paperclay on the face, ready to start painting.
Then, I hope, she might look a little less masculine.

Behind her is a basket of bunnies.
Every day there are more bunnies in there.
I'm not sure how...

I always envisioned her as a circus performer, in a tutu and spangles.


  1. What a drag having your washing machine not working properly. It happened to me once. Stuff like that always happens when you have a ton of laundry to do:(

    I'm so excited to see you working on a doll:) Her face looks very cat like...can't wait to see was you do next:)

    1. Thank you! The cat face is all new to me. I'm making it up as I go along and, as I'm sure you know, that can be very exciting! Or a disaster. Either way, I'll learn something.

      And yes, the medieval drudgery of wringing out laundry by hand and emptying the washing machine with a bucket is less romantic than it sounds. So I deserve something fun, like making Miss Kitty. I think the fabric is supposed to be a cheetah.

      Off to research some cheetah faces...

      Thank you, again, Miss Mary Ann, for your warm support. It really means a lot.

  2. Great concept, that animal themed doll. I agree the head needs a little work. I can't waite to see the re-fised version. Richard from My Old Historic House.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Richard. You know I love your blog and that amazing house! I'll be posting progress as I go. If she turns out ok, maybe I'll consider other animal dolls. Maybe even a Sissy dog doll?

  3. Well of course I like your Blog banner! Great minds think alike! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Heh! Of course! And my pleasure. I loved your address stickers.

    2. Cute face! I love the kitty features!

      Sorry about the washer, though. My worst problem is the cold water comes out really slow and it takes an hour for a load on cold.

    3. Thank you!

      You have my sympathy with the cold water fill. It can be a real pain, specially with stuff that needs to be washed and rinsed in cold water.

  4. The doll is wearing my favorite print:) The face does look like a cat. Cool!


    1. ;o;! Well, thank you Dee and hey, that gives me an idea....

    2. And that should say lol, not ;o;!

  5. Miss Kitty is quite mesmerizing....I'm not very adept at visualization, but definitely a feline persona brewing there....Can't wait to see your tweaks and finish!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Ha! Just had to share - one of the two word verification words that came up for my last comment was "ringeress" - you suppose??? ;o) r

  7. Oh! Ringeess sounds good but...I thought I'd turned pesky word verification off! Excuse me while I get out my tool box. And thank you for letting me know!


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