Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rabbit Stamp

And yes, as we know rabbits do, indeed, stamp.

Now, a while ago, I found   this post  from  the lovely poppy. (which is a really cool blog.) where she showed where she'd bought a stamp with a custom design on it.



And it was priced at, like. the cost of a tin of supermarket coffee. I'd been considering buying a stamp of my bunnyfly for a while, but everywhere I'd looked had been pricey, or slow or suspect....

But  the Rubber Stamp Champ. ( this is not a joke. This is the company's name)  was none of those bad things. The offer was so good, I bought two stamps, and scored FREE Shipping. (my favourite kind of free) Here is the Linky to the specific custom offer. and thanks again to Nicole at the lovely poppy  for showing the way.

Here is my lovely bunnyfly stamp, on a tag and on a canvas (calico) bunny.

Cool, huh? Thanks to Nicole at the lovely poppy and to  the Rubber Stamp Champ,

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