Thursday, September 15, 2011

Freebie Rabbit Pattern

Ok, so, this is my first pattern available on-line and it's free (like anyone would actually pay for it) and it's easy.   Why a rabbit?  Hubby calls me Rabbit. I wanted a gusset-free simple rabbit pattern, that I could sew and stuff and embellish without any fuss or bother.   Free and easy, instead of fuss and bother, see?

The beginnings  are found in this doodle I did. Silly little doodle sketch done while playing D&D.

And from that, I made these..

 Cute, huh?

The pattern for this is pretty simple. Like I said, no gussets. Just sew around the line, turn, stuff and close. It takes a tiny scrap of leftover fabric. In fact, that is probably the most charming thing about the pattern, although I say it myself. You could, of course, enlarge it, make a rabbit-sized rabbit. Or a toddler-sized rabbit. Or whatever.
Download Me for Rabbit Fun! Yeah!

This is the pattern. If you're new to doll making, it's important to stress that there is NO SEAM ALLOWANCE. You sew around the pattern and cut the sewn piece out afterwards. You can leave a gap for turning the rabbit in the base or the back where you will add the tail. Up to you.

Draw around the rabbit body on fabric which is doubled and right sides together.  Do the same for the ears. You can sew the ears from two different fabrics,  the rabbit body fabric right sides together with a contrasting/complimentary fabric. Then, where you attach the ears, they will have an interesting lining. And you can use up all those tiny scraps you feel guilty about hoarding. As my MIL says, whoever dies with the most fabric wins, right?

Sew, here we have it. (Don't you love puns?)  Draw around the pattern, sew around the pencil line, leaving a gap to turn, cut out  a small seam allowance, clip curves, being careful to clip deep under the chin,  and turns right side out. You did leave a gap to turn right sides out?

Then, stuff it. No, really. Stuff it.  Sew around the ears, leaving the base open to turn, and  iron flat. If you don't iron them, they will be kinda fluffy and puffy.  Up to you, really. Fold the ears in half, with the body fabric on the outside and the contrast print on the inside. If the ears are of plain fabric, you can dust the inside of the fold with blush/rouge, for a realistic pink bunny-ear effect. Then pin and sew then to the sides of the rabbit's head, wherever you feel looks best. Add a tail, either a glued on pre-made pom pom or whatever. I made little stuffed balls of cloth, first  but the dollar store pom-poms are quicker and bigger and brighter. and look more like bunnies

Once sewn, you can embellish these however you want. Add buttons and flowers and ribbons and bells. Write on them and draw on them. You can stamp the fabric before sewing , or  even print out your own. Have fun with them and maybe, if you have fun, let me know?

Uh, the pattern is free for your own use and you can give them out as gifts and thank you's and use them as gift tags and Easter basket fillers. Or for Christmas, because, obviously, bunnies are for Christmas.

No? Just me?


  1. This is a great little pattern..I will minimize it and make a tiny rabbit doll for my tiny dolls! (I love how you designed the original with the checks...) Thanks so much! Colleen

  2. love these bunnies. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  3. Darling bunnies... just add wings right? lol


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