Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dollmakers on Thursday: Marina Bychkova

Yes, yes. I know. There's no alliteration in Dollmakers on Thursday. I'm sorry.

Some artists make pretty dolls. Some make challenging dolls. And some make technically demanding dolls. This week's dollmaker is an artist whose work I'm in awe of and who accomplishes all three criteria.  She makes exquisitely beautiful fired porcelain BJDs  

Artificial Intelligence

 She casts their baroque accessories in silver and gold; tiny shoes, princess' crowns, divers' helmets. The dolls are sometimes clothed in beaded gowns, sometimes elaborately tattooed, sometimes simply naked. They are, however, still dolls, not merely cold porcelain sculptures, and can be moved and positioned, have their wigs changed and their silver crowns and shoes doffed and donned.

Marina Bychkova  at The Enchanted Doll 

Beauty and the Beast
Marina makes dolls that shatter preconceptions about what a doll is and what it's for. She does this with masterful technique, with vision and with with stunning results. The darkness of the fairy tale, the glitter of a royal court  and the heroines of literature are her subjects, transformed by her craft.  If you need an antidote to the pink-cheeked baby doll and are tired of dolls that are pretty just for pretty's sake, take a trip over to her blog.


  1. These dolls are beautiful, and I love the adornments. Thanks for sharing, and for the nice comment on my post.

  2. They are unbelievable. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Wow, these are beautiful AND enchanting!!!

  4. Aren't her creations amazing?.... .


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