Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dolls in progress

The County Fair is soon and, as I didn't enter last year, I'm really hoping to get something for this year. Maybe even three dolls, for three different categories. My dining table, therefore, looks like this,
 I think the tornadoes are over, for the moment. I hope. The doll on the table was made all from my own pattern, taken from an idea I saw for making medieval clothes that fit properly. For the clothes, you took the intended wearer of said garb, put an old long sleeved t-shirt on them and then bound the t-shirt all over with duct-tape. I know! Perverse or what? Then, and this is the brilliant bit, you CAREFULLY cut the t-shirt off, down the places you would expect seams to go. Tidy it up, add seam allowances and you have a pattern. The link for  the method will go here ->

I thought, if it works for a chemise, why not for a doll. I'd wanted to make a smaller rag doll, but I'd never seen a pattern I liked. Fussy...

So, I bought a cheapy plastic doll whose body and limbs were the right size. He looked French, so I called him Plastique Bertrand. I wrapped him in used tumble-dryer sheets and then wrapped him in masking tape. When I cut it off, I pretty much had my doll pattern.

I need to work on the face a little. The first doll has a really hard jaw-line and I need to amend that and the arms, but otherwise I'm very content.

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