Sunday, June 12, 2011

Butter Sticks

...You have to see this! This is why the internet is a wonderful thing! You meet up with wonderful people and they have great ideas and cool stuff!

This was sent to me from My Legacy. And, it's so cool!. I've made mine and here is the photo of it. I'm going to use it today, now I have taken some pictures, for buttering a frying pan (that's a skillet in Brit-speak) before pan-frying fish for dinner.
Here is the butter stick. No label, yet.

And here is the butter stick, with butter. It really is as easy as it sounds.

So, thank you SO MUCH to My Legacy, for sending me the push-up pots. Go have a look at her blog. She's a great lady and she has some cool things there.

I'm wondering what else they could be used for. Home-made massage bars, maybe? Novelty chocolate bars? Melt down old lipsticks for a personalised thick, chunky rouge stick? Make one with lard for greasing pans for pancakes? (Lard is seriously under-rated. It makes the best pastry and amazing cookies, as long as you don't tell people they're made with lard. )

I must stop now. I vowed I wouldn't make a craft blog.

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