Monday, June 24, 2013

International Fairy Day

Today was
International Fairy Day.

Here is a drawing I did
some time ago
of a fairy and a rabbit 
in deep conversation.

I also started sculpting on my
Titania doll
as it's Midsummer's Day
which seemed like a good place to start.

So, between her
the black cat in a red corset
and the doll for the 
I'm quite busy.

Yes please,
I'd love a cup of tea.

Visit Vanessa at
for an invitation to
this year's spectacular
Mad Tea Party 


  1. Your sketch is lovely. The little bunny seems so mesmerized by the fairy.

    1. Oh! Thank you! It was one of those doodles that just grew.

  2. I adore this sketch of the bunny and the fairy. We have a special fairy garden on the farm ... oh the magic that goes on there !

    1. Oh, I'll bet! I don't know if I have any fairies in my garden. Maybe I should grow the right plants, like with butterflies and hummingbirds? I wonder what kinds of flowers attract fairies?

  3. Oh wow! I wish I knew it before! I have a fairy Angelonia as you know, so I feel ashamed now I didn't gift her anything..well, next time, or next day :)
    I like you drawing... very nice!

    1. I'm sure there are other days fairies celebrate :) I'll try and remember to mention it earlier next year.

      And, thank you! It's just a doodle. Maybe I should colour it?

  4. Wow Rhissanna, I love the drawing of the fairy and the rabbit. It looks really effective.

  5. I love your drawing! There is an innocence about it! can't wait to see your creations! Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Hi,
    How could I have missed Fairy Day. This spring I fell into the fairy hole with parties, gardening and obsessing over them and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love your work, the whimsey is refreshing. Stay Young. I see your friend is in the Pit family, I have a bully boy also. they are the best. Drop by for a visit and check out May for the Fairy party.

    1. Fairy Day was a first for me, this year. I always forget about Midsummers Day until it's too late, so I made a special effort this year. Falling into the fairy hole sounds wonderful. I'm not sure I'd really want to climb out. Thank you for your sweet comments about my dolls. making them brings me all kinds of happiness.

      As for Bessie, I really don't know what she is. There's some collie in there and maybe some boxer. Either way, someone threw away a perfectly good dog (literally, out the back of a car) and we took her in. She's my first ever dog!

      Of course I'll come by your blog. Get the kettle on!


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