Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dollmakers on Thursday. Nicole West and Titania

So, 23rd of June
is a Supermoon
and it's coming soon.

23rd of June is also
Midsummer's Eve.

It was a night for wild dances in the woods
and a bit of drunkeness and frolicing,
so it's rather a pity
it's been passed over.
If it wasn't for Shakespeare
we'd have forgotten about it completely.

Midsummer's Night Dream. Landseer
 With  albino rabbits. 
And Puck is showing Bottom something.

So, anyway...

...with it being
Midsummer's Eve,
I wanted to show some 
amazing Titania dolls

Like this.

Night Queen

Her dolls have the most amazing eyes
and gorgeous, sculptural bodies.

By which I mean
they're sexy.

In fact, Nicole West
is a doll artist
Hubby found first.

in the original meaning of the word.

Nicole sculpts all kinds of figures,
fairies, mermaids, angels
and naughty pin-ups.
Her Titanias show a range 
of themes,
from the vampish 
 Night Queen 
to sylvan sovereigns
guarding fertility and fruitfulness,
like this Harvest Queen.

With her mask, 
she is exotic and mysterious'

Without it, 
she is tender and vulnerable.

 Nicole's Titanias can also be
powerful, even dangerous,
like this magnificent monarch
striding through the woodland
vines, arms akimbo
and eyes ablaze.

Or they can be sweet
and ethereal
clad in simple wisps and leaves.


And  delicate
butterfly mask

I love Nicole's dolls
and her deviantArt site is worth looking at
for exotic beings
who aren't afraid to flaunt themselves
and who reflect Nicole's sure touch with 
poses, with expressions
and with warm, translucent skin.

She makes her fairies and mermaids
entirely believable
and extraordinarily beautiful.


  1. Aww... the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen! You are right, they have that magical touch..and look so fragile, but the eyes... so realistic!
    Beautiful collection, I am off to check her deviantart page.

    Wow, super Moon again?Love it!
    Also happy Summer Solstice! Let's celebrate! :)

    1. We should, shouldn't we? Preferably with wine and song!
      I'm glad you like Nicole's dolls. They're so sensual and wicked and sweet, all rolled up together. Thank you for dropping by!

  2. WOW. That very first photo where you can see her eye and lips and the lovely eyelashes....there are many mysteries to me about art that I am unable to unfold: doll making of this sort (and yours!), needle felted art, oil and watercolouring. It is in the mysteries however, that make it all even more enchanting, isn't it dear one?

    THANK YOU for coming to have a cup of tea with me in my home, as I sign off from posting JUST FOR A BIT. My writing class and some other summer obligations will be keeping me from posting regularly, but just until the end of August. Oh Rhissanna, I KNEW your doll would see! BRAVO TO YOU! She is so special and gorgeous! KEEP MAKING 'EM! Maybe one day you could make me one as such, just the head, I wonder?

    BLESS YOU! Anita

    1. We'll be waiting for your return, Anita! A writing class sounds so wonderful, you lucky thing! And if you want just a head, I'm sure I can do that!

  3. Happy Summer Solstice ;o) I can't wait for super moon night ;o) I will be dancing ;o) I don't have a word for these dolls!! They are breath taking!!!!

    1. I'm trying to remember which flowers to put under my pillow, Midsummer's Eve. I think it's mallows (not marshmallows!) for wicked dreams. Either way, I hope to get out and see the rabbits moon gazing.

  4. Middsummers Eve ... Mountain man and I shall take a pony cart ride by moonlight through the forrest path and see the wonderment unfloding there ! I love the sights we see when we take Ms TInkerbell our shetland pony out in the cart by moonlight ... oddly enough even the deer are not startled by our appearence on the paths by cart at night. Magical indeed!

    1. Sorry I got carried away by the cart ride. I had meant to say I truly adored this share of Nicole West and Tatiana's. I am off to visit there.
      Thank you

    2. No need to apologise! It sounds wonderful and I wish I was going with you!Tinkerbell is a great name for a shetland!


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