Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dollmakers on Thursday. The MH Repaint Phenomenon


This post is going to show 
photographs of 
naked plastic dolls.

If you're offended, 
upset or aroused by
naked plastic dolls
I'm sorry but
I won't be able to
 keep a straight face.

End of Warning

You may be aware of 
They look like this.

They're dolls presented as the 
high school age

It's an interesting idea, 
but I'd never really 
looked at the dolls.

Then I found what
 doll artists were doing
with the basic doll.

This is Draculaura

She's rockin' a whole Steampunk thing here,
but she doesn't really do anything for me.

Now, a bit of acetone and 
some paint and watercolour pencils,
see the same doll transformed.

Angel, by 
Almudena Doncel



To commission a repaint by

on Etsy

All different versions of the 
basic Draculaura doll,
rewigged and repainted.

The dolls can be heavily modded, too.

These are morbidly sweet
conjoined twins by
the delightful wicked
at dA.

The basic dolls are produced
 in a range of skin colours
including dead.

Like Ghoulia Yelps

and  Frankie Stein

You'd think the blue tones would be 
hard to make appealing.

But look at these.

both by Kamarza

Here is a 
compare and contrast
image of Frankie
Repaint on the left.

charity auction
Frankie Stein
by the lovely

by Amber Honey at dA

The dolls lend themselves to
In fact, customising kits
are available
with skeleton arms
or fins or tails
to make whatever 
kind of monster doll
you want.

by Kamarza

The dolls can also be altered with apoxie
and clay.

See this amazing work-in-progress
by Mourningwake Press.

And here's the finished result.

The same artist also created
Edward Scissorhands

What I learned 
from these talented and 
inspiring artists
is that the
basic sculpt 
is only part of the story,
and colour and shade
can change a doll's face
any way you want.

I've bought a Ghoulia of my own
and I'm going to have a go!


  1. Thank you !!! sweety for including me <3

    1. Happy to do it, Gerakina! I love your dolls and their sweet, soft faces.

  2. Very interesting post. The repaints are just amazing!

    1. Thank you, Sherri! It's amazing how different the same doll looks with different artists.

  3. Nice informative post, Rhissanna. I noticed artists who repaint dolls few months ago, when actually started taking interest in modern doll artists. I like that color and shading can change the whole look dramatically.
    I can't wait to see your repainted creation!

    1. I; glad you enjoyed this! As soon as I'm confident about taking of the original paint without melting the plastic, I'm going to give it a go!

  4. I wanted to get the Draculaura doll because it goes with my name and my since childhood love of all things Gothic, but now how can I be satisfied with just a simple doll after seeing these? Sulks.

    I quite like the look of Monster High dolls, I am quite scared of a lot of dolls, especially the ones with real looking eyes, the Monster High ones are some of the few that don't scare me!

    1. Heh! I understand. I loved the sculpting of the dolls, with really long legs and lovely little hands but I wasn't wild about the factory paint. But the painted Draculauras are so pretty.

      Maybe you prefer dolls with painted eyes to glass ones? There's a big difference in the look of the doll.

  5. Replies
    1. I love these transformations and it's really helpful to see what can be done with the same basic face. It's helped me have the confidence just to paint over a face if I don't like it, and try again. Glad you enjoyed this, Summer.

  6. Your first paragraph really made me laugh! Thanks for the smile ;o) I think this is amazing!! I love the new creations that these girls have made! They are stunning! I am excited to see what you create ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. Heh! Thank you, Magic Love Crow! Yes, there's some weird people out there who get all hot under the collar if they see a peeled Barbie. I think they think about it too much if a plastic doll upsets them. *giggle!*

      I'm glad you like these. As a talented painter, you probably see a lot more in their technique than I do.

  7. I was totally mesmorized with this post ...such creativity going on !

    1. Isn't it wonderful what people can do? I'm always amazed by how doll artists can get so many different looks from one face.

  8. Hiiiiii-I bought one months back but somehow I have no interest in doing anything with it -to me its just not the same as doing my own !!but I look forward to seeing yours

    1. I have to admit, I bought mine before Christmas, and she's still waiting in the heap of unfinished dolls! I'm nervous about taking off the paint and damaging the plastic. But if I do it, even if she's a hot mess, I'll show it here :)


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