Saturday, January 26, 2013

Graphic Heavy

First of all,
meet Mr Butterbean!
Isn't he lovely?

It's been a while since we had a bunny,
and Hubby bought him for me
all of a sudden!

Yes, he's adorable!
So is the bunny!

Well, I've done a lot since I was last here.

Technically, Marie is finished.
I need to take some
 pin-up style shots of her.

 here is some more

Marie on my glass table.
This is early morning
(8.00am, is early, right?)
and she's waiting for her gloves and shoes.

These are the soles of the shoes
sculpted from paper clay


I looked at a lot of 18th century shoes
and darling little things they are!

Ribbons and roses and frills.
And the women's shoes were even fancier!

The best little 18th century shoes I know
are made by Anita Riviera, of
Aren't these divine?

A lot of the historical shoes
had decorated heels,
and  I thought that was a lovely idea.

Here are the soles, painted
with flowers and leaves.
Then they are sealed,
and left to dry,
before covering with the fabric uppers.

Marie has her panniers,
and that complete the sum of her clothing.

She has bright coral pink garters 
to hold up her white stockings.

There's a very good reason
she's wrapped in a plastic bag.

A very good reason indeed.

I'd piled up her bouffant coiffure
and it looked ok, 
and it stayed in place.
But Marie had some real problems
with flyaway hair.
She was going to need some serious lacquer.
So, it was into the plastic bag,
and out with the Krylon matte seal.

Once I'd sprayed her
and the hair was set,
and her face paint was sealed
I could finish embellishing her wig.

This is the back.

Paper roses!
Satin leaves!

I added some roses to her brow,
to hold down a stray curl.

I made Marie some ringlets.
I'd twisted some of the white hair
around a chopstick.
Poured boiling water over it.
Dunked the chopstick into iced water 
to cool and set.
Left to dry.

Once it was dry,
 I sprayed it with more lacquer,
let that set and then slid it off the chopstick.

The ringlets were attached to the back of her hair
and brought over her shoulders.

More roses and plumes,
and a big pink satin bow.

And she's all finished.
I just need to take some pretty pictures.

Marie's adventures


  1. The details on the doll are lovely! Wow!

    The bunny is so adorable! You got a particularly cute one! He is just about the cutest thing ever, except for my steamparakeet. He would be horribly jealous if I thought the rabbit was cuter! :P

    1. Thank you!

      And yes, Mr Butterbean is wonderful. I choose the friendliest bunny of the bunch and he's a real sweetheart. I won't tell the steamparakeet what you said, though. Your secret is safe with me!

  2. hi, Rhisanna! She is wonderful! Beautiful, and I can feel that you were very much inspired while making her.
    Can't wait to see her photos!

    1. Thank you! Yes, she's been such fun I'm going to have to make another. Maybe smaller. Hopefully photos tomorrow, if there's decent light.

  3. Oh Beverly she is stunning. You did an absolutely marvellous job of her. All the little details have made her just perfect.

    1. Thank you, Shashi! I learnt so much making Marie and I'm so happy with how she turned out.

  4. OH RHISSANNA!!!!!!!!!

    There is a lot here....wait, let me gather my heart here...

    MR. BUTTERBEAN! YIPPEEEE! I had a rabbit JUST LIKE HIM ONCE....and old boyfriend bought him for me at a mall pet shop on the second floor. I had my bunny in a cardboard box and here we are walking down the steps to the first floor and there I GO, BUMPING DoWn on my rear, down the steps, holding this boxed rabbit! It was so funny...

    THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY SURPRISE MENTION! You should have seen my face when I saw YOUR lovely shoes in process; I was thinking, "Oh, I miss making little shoes." I stopped making them because no one was buying them (expect one woman who bought ALL the shoes I made!) THEN I scroll down to see you had mentioned me. What an honor!

    THANK YOU for coming by to view my art. AND THAT little boy with the rabbit....isn't that just a charm? WE MUST STICK TOGETHER as rabbit lovers! I plan on drawing some bunnies for spring/easter.

    May your Etsy shop continue with much success my dear. Many hugs and thanks, Anita

    1. Oh dear! Poor you! And poor bunny! He must have thought he was on a roller coaster!

      The shoes? I went back to your Etsy store, just to have another look at the lovely shoes. Yours were an inspiration, so credit was due! Maria's feet are kinda dumpy, so mine won't be as elegant.

      Ues please, draw more bunnies and keep curating those wonderful bunny images that you find.

      Good luck with Etsy. I've just got my first commission! Squeeeeeee!

  5. I'm not sure which I love more , Mr. Butterbean or Marie !
    All the details are amazing,you put so much love in all your creations.
    Thanks for stopping by,the painting will be for sale in the shop I'm in. I can't keep they all,but won't cry if it doesn't sell.

    1. Thank you, Amy! I love making dolls, so I'm always gald if that enjoyment shows.

      I can't see that painting of yours in the shop for long. It really is gorgeous!

  6. Mr. Butterbean and Marie in the same post!?! Can't get better than that! I have never seen a cuter bunny than this little guy.
    Marie is stunning and those shoes....very clever. I can't wait to see the results of her photo shoot!!

    1. He is, indeed, very cute! He loves being out for a run around, it's like having a cuddly toy on the loose.

      Thank you! I'm hoping to get some photos tomorrow. Just as soon as I dig out some props.

  7. Eek! Love the bunny!! I so miss having a little fluffy pet of my own (no, my three little dogs and cat don't count! Lol)

    Marie is fantastic! Love all of the details you've added.

    1. Thank you, Mandy! Adding detail was the best thing about making Marie. I looked at authentic fashion of the 18th century and realised I couldn't possibly add too much!

      And yes, Mr Butterbean's a real sweetie!

  8. cute!! what a darling!!
    the work you have put in to beautiful Marie!! the exquisite detail. how did you learn about making the ringlets with the chopstick? love the flowers and leaves on the soles of the shoes...such an unexpected,yet delightful detail to the shoes!

    1. Thank you, Ann. I got the hair curling technique from various Barbie sites, but I'll see if I can post a link to a tutorial. Most suggest the boiling water, but I add the dunk in an ice bath to help it set.

      As for the shoes, there's some fabulous 18th century shoes to see and like everything else about 18th century fashion, they're covered in pretty decoration.

  9. Marie looks amazing! Your so talented with your creative dolls. I love the added flowers in her hair.
    Mr. Butterbean is super cute!

    1. Thank you, Dee! Oh, Marie has been fun to dress, as many ribbon roses and bows as I want.

      And yes, Mr Butterbean is wonderful! He's so small and soft and fluffy, he feels like he's made out of feathers.

  10. I love Mr. Butterbean! I will babysit ;o) I don't know what to say about Marie??? Stunning! The details are amazing!!! I am in awwwww!!!!!

    1. I'm sure Mr Butterbean would love that! You'll have to say 'Hi' to Bessie, though. Poor dog is getting jealous!

  11. Mr Butterbean (cute name) is indeed adorable!:)
    You make the most beautiful dolls. The detail is exquisite...those fancy little shoes!!!!Awwww....just amazing!!!!


    1. Thank you so much, Sumaya! What a really sweet thing to say! Marie was so much fun to make and as for Mr Butterbean, he's a lovely boy!

  12. Marie is just lovely! All the tiny! Wonderful job Miss B!!!

    1. Thank you, Ron. It's always good to hear that from another doll maker! How's Moxie?

  13. You've been busy and Marie looks gorgeous:) Love everything about her....her shoes!!!

    I love your little bunny. We had one for 13 years called Roger/Peter. I about confused rabbit...LOL I loved him but I was very allergic to him...sigh. He used to follow me everywhere like a little dog.

    1. Thank you!The shoes were such fun I'm tempted just to make a pile of those. I'm really trying to take finished pictures, but the light is awful. Maybe tomorrow.

      Lol! Poor Roger/Peter! Yes, they will follow you around. They're surprising sweet house pets, with lots of personality. Sorry about the allergy. Hubby was really alleric to the one we used to have, but his reaction's not so bad this time.

  14. Marie is fabulous! So many lovely embellishments and fine details. Her hair is amazing. I bet someone already wants to buy her from you!
    And Mr Butterbean rabbit is soooo adorable! Ah! He melts my heart...such fluffy bunny love!
    And for you to have to walk in the snow for three glad you had a place to stay and warm food from the India friend. Someone was certainly watching over you~
    Teresa in California

    1. Thank you, Teresa! She's been a joy to make. I could really indulge my fetish for ribbon roses and bows!

      Mr Butterbean is a real sweetie. When I let him out for a run arond, he bounces on the spot like a rubber ball!

      Dear me, Yes. Father Dom is a wonderful man and being at the end of that long walk, with hot curry and cold beer, he was a Godsend, too!


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