Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 First of all, an exciting story!

Last week I went to the dentist
with Hubby ,
because I can't drive
and I'm a little nervous of dentists
(I used to be terrified, 
I'm getting better.
He's a nice dentist)

 When we left the dentist
it was snowing and 
half an hour later
the roads were impassable,
the only route out of the city was closed
and we were stuck.

We walked three miles in the snow 

 I know three miles isn't far,
 and the snow wasn't thick. 
but I wasn't dressed for this. 
I was wearing battered, leaky tennis shoes)

to Hubby's church
where the very nice priest 
opened the flat in the church hall
and let us stay overnight.
He's Indian.
(not Native American.
Indian, from India)
and fed us amazing chicken curry.

The End.

 Yes, indeed.
If you're going to wear a corset, 
you need something to put in a corset
 I tried Marie without her
but she did look a little...unbalanced.
So I made her a couple of
pillows to stuff down the front.

So, now she has a corset
and something for the corset to squash.

Here is Marie sitting nicely
being fitted for her corset.

I won't be using bright green ribbon,
but this neon colour did give me a chance 
to look at several different ways of lacing Marie.

The lacing at the bottom 
looks nice, but 
Marie will be wearing 
panniers on her hips.
So she'll be laced from bottom 
to top.

Now she has a corset, 
with embellishments being added,
and her anachronous knickers
and her lacy stockings.

She still needs;
stuff in her wig
and shoes.


  1. 3 miles in the snow IS a long walk to me! Bless that priest. Now, as for Marie, I am glad you gave her a bosom to squash... it would seem so odd if you hadn't. I want a corset! I want lacy stockings! I want to make a doll! She is great.

    1. Thank you! She's been such fun to make, not least because I can add as many ribbon and roses and bows as I want! You should make a doll! I'm going to put up a doll stocking tutorial, as soon as I get myself organised.

  2. You Marie doll looks awesome now! Loved how you made her hair, and loved her undergarments:) Looking forward to see Marie's accomplished look.
    Well, you are lucky that he was Indian! Actually when I read "Indian" I thought of Indian from India only :) you can understand why. Curry is yumm, I know!
    Have a great day!

    1. Lol! Yes, he's a sweetheart from Madras. He also gave me a pile of curry ingredients, which I can't get in rural Akansas, and showed me his stash of cooking goodies he brought from home. So, curry this weekend and I might make some mulligatawny soup today, as it's cold.

      As for Marie, she's going to be all undergarments! I just need to finish her slippers and she's done

  3. Oh my word! Three miles in the snow is three miles I would not want to walk.. The priest was a true blessing.
    I am really loving your progress here.. The corset is great!

    1. Thank you, Penny. The corset turned out better than I hoped; I keep expecting thise eyelets to work loose but they seem to be holding.

  4. Oh no! 3 miles is a long way in snow & cold. Glad you are OK. Love curry,so maybe worth the walk!
    Love that doll and her corset.

    1. Yes, I'd happily walk 3 miles through the snow for that curry. It put my own culinary efforts to shame. He gave me the recipe too, and shared his stash of curry powder and garam masala. Lovely man!

  5. Marie is coming along wonderfully and the corset looks fantastic. It makes me want to make one but the dolls I'm working on now are too young to need corsets. Can't wait to see Marie when she fully dressed. Have fun with that. Hugs

    1. Thank you! It's been a learning curve, but so far there's been no big disasters, although I did cut two left sides of the corset because I forgot to turn a pattern piece over.

  6. She coming along wonderfully:) Love her corset and her stocking...loverly. I can't wait to see what you do with her dress and hair decoration.

    Ha...you sound like me...I never wear boots if I can help it specially if I'm going in a car. I got caught once in running shoes too when we had a major snow storm and I had to walk home from work in three foot drifts:( My husband was stuck miles away in traffic so I had no choice. Well I guess I could have slept under my desk or on it.

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann! It's been such fun making this. I wasn't sure about the design of her head at first, but now she has hair she looks a little less weird.

      As for boots, I very nearly wore my sex-on-legs black platform boots! If I'd worn those, I'd have been sleepping in the car. Better cold toes than a broken ankle.

  7. I love your story!!! I bet the chicken curry was fantastic ;o) Marie is so cute! And, you are so cute! ;o) I love the pillow stuffing and how she is sitting nicely! LOL! All the details are looking gorgeous!!!

    1. Oh the curry was worth the walk, actually. It made all the cold and snow just melt away.

      Thank you so much! Yes, got to have pillows with a corset!

  8. i.

    1. Lol! Thank you, Ann. She's been a lot of fun!


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