Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jammie Girl's Shop Feature.

Angie Ballard
over at 
has featured my Etsy shop
in her

She's promoting
(selflessly, and in her own time)
crafters who make gifts and decorations
that might be good for Christmas.

If you like buying hand made, unique items
or you make some that would make
lovely items for Christmas
pop over to her blog and stay tuned.

Ella, seen here before she got
all her ribbons and roses
because she's all red and green


  1. Ella looks gorgeous in all her Christmas finery!
    I've missed all my blogging friends and am glad to be back. I see that you are preparing for the holidays and I can hardly wait to see it all!

    1. Thank you, Patti and welcome back! I wondered where you'd got to. Thank you for popping over and your sweet comment. Oh yes, Chriastmas is coming. I can't believe it's the middle of November already. Christmas is just over 5 weeks away!

  2. She is sooo adorable! Would it be possible to make her in pink with an updo? (A la Marie Antoinette) I would buy her in a second!
    How goes your doll restoration? I found myself another wonderful 20's girl with her nose broken off. It's a little too big to build up with paint so I'm going in for some modeling....Wish me luck! *winks* Vanna

    1. Good luck, Vanna, What do those boudoir ladies do with their noses?

      As for a Marie, I have some lovely miniature chintzy fabric and I'm looking at making another doll like this, all 18th century with the piled-up hair. Maybe with a ship in it?

  3. She's lovely Rhissanna! I am having an artsy struggle right now almost the blues. I wonder what it is, maybe pre-holiday blues? Blessings, Jan

    1. It can be a lot of pressure, this time of year. After decades of chasing the perfect Christmas, I now try and done one thing that's over-the-top and wild, and content myself with everything else. That, and the doll-making, as long as I do something every day, even if it's a tiny little thing, I feel I'm getting somewhere. But yes, it can be hard, this season. Sunshine and walking the dog helps me.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! She was a sweetheart to make. If she finds a buyer, I'm going to miss her!


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