Monday, September 17, 2012

Pay it forward. Thank you, Shashi!

Shashi is the very talented dollmaker at

She makes the most gorgeous cloth dolls
in vibrant colours, using lovely fabrics
and her own patterns.

I entered her pay it forward
blog feature
and was delighted to be chosen.

Last week,
I got my parcel from the UK.

(Isn't it wonderful getting parcels?
Don't you feel like a kid again?)

And inside I found this little beauty.

Isn't she wonderful?

I love these curly toes
and shapely little legs
Oh, and the pretty bead joints.

There's a cute beaded cap,
like a flower calyx
 with painted sparkly details.

And the sweetest little painted face
set off by soft cloudy hair in
pinks and peaches and silver.

Love those beaded joints.

This is from Shashi's own design.
I love the shape of the torso 
and the long, elegant limbs.
 You can see the two other dolls 

With the doll, Shashi also sent me 
a pair of  dangly pink earrings
(how did she KNOW?
I love them!) 
and a long strip of
fabulous gold braid
which looks perfect for my 
Circus Leopard Lady 
or the planned Principal Boy.

(If you're from the USA it would take 
a whole blog post to
 explain what a Principal Boy is,
and why she's not a boy 
and why she wears fishnet tights 
and slaps her thigh.)

Thank you, thank you, 
dear, wonderful Shashi!

It's a delight for dollmakers.

And, much to my surprise and delight,
I now have over a hundred followers!
How did that happen?
What wonderful people you all are!

I'd better do something in my next post.
not least announcing my own

And a giveaway.


  1. Dear Beverley, thanks for posting the tiny lady's picture and I am so very happy that she is being loved and I can see enjoying herself. It was a pleasure playing pay it forward with you.

    1. You've made me so excited about having my own PIF. Thank you for my doll. She's so lovely. I'll have to give her a name!

  2. She's lovely! Congratulations!
    And thanks for the heads up on Shashi blog.....Very interesting stuff over there. :)

    1. My pleasure! Doesn't she make some gorgeous dolls?

  3. Hi Beverly -you lucky thing getting this lovely dolly !!How are you I have'nt visited in ages I always neglect blogs in the summertime (my own included)as I seem to be busy doing the garden etc

    1. Hi there, Patricia Oh, yes, I am thrilled with Shashi's doll!

      I think a lot of blogs are quiet over the Summer, and get back into action when the Autumn starts.


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