Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh! Goodies!

This year I took part in the 
 for the first tine.

I met all kinds of wonderful people 
and saw all kinds of wonderful things
and entered all kinds of giveaways.

Like this one
at Spiritdog Studios
which was for Chrislyn's blogoversary.

Here are the cutest pictures
of Miss Tiki
choosing the winners.
A job she clearly took very seriously.

I was thrilled to bits to win
a box of craft goodies!

No! Under the paper!

Beautifully wrapped with a blue bow.

And inside?

I was offered a choice
of Chrislyn's lovely photographs
and I chose this one.
It's so elegant and beautifully mounted.

Under the photograph,
more goodies!

And still more.

 Lovely crafty stuff!
I was really taken with the pressed flowers,
the little labels and the apricot lace daises.

Dear Chrislyn,
 thank you so much for your wonderful,

I was thrilled to win!.

Ella was very taken with the blue bow.

In fact, she was so delighted with the bow
 that she insisted on getting some proper clothes,

with panniers and lace.

We're not quite finished yet,
but at least she's not wandering around
in her drawers any more.


  1. OH DEAR! WHat a wonderful treasure box to open up dearest! Happy day, indeed!

    Thank you for coming over to see me. I enjoy playing around with images and words.....what fun. And it is double the fun to see if anyone else gets what I am trying to say.

    Have a great Labor Day! Anita

    1. Thank you for coming over, Anita and your sweet comments. I'm a huge fan of your visual delights, and I look forward to every single one.

  2. What a cornucopia of delightful goodies! Happy Day! Blessings, Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan. Yes, I was delighted. Chrislyn selected such wonderful stuff!

  3. Aren't you the lucky one....lots of lovelies to play with and Ella is looking beautiful in her new clothes.

    1. Thank you so much Mary Ann. Yes, there were lots of goodies to play with in the box! As for Ella. She's nearly done. Add a collar and some more roses and she's all dressed. Finally.

  4. So many goodies to play with. I'm sure you and Ella will have a grand time concocting beautiful creations!

    1. Thank you, Sherry. Yes, all sorts of inspiration in this box!

  5. Oh! My! What a splendid giveaway you won! Aren't blogging giveaways the best!!!
    Teresa in California

    1. Dear me, yes they are! Always such inspiring and exciting stuff!

  6. Congratulations on being the grand winner!
    I received the second prize and it was so full of paper goodness I can craft for months.

    Ella is looking lovelier than ever and very happy.

    Thank you for continuing to visit and comment. I hope to have something special up for a few parties very soon.

    1. Than you for coming over and yes, as a fellow winner of this giveaway, I was stunned at all the goodies I got. Happy to come and visit your blog. You have some wonderful stuff!


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