Monday, September 17, 2012

Artistic Anger Giveaway

I can see the title is misleading.
I'm not giving away any artistic anger.
I'm not re-gifting angst.
I'm not handing out Sturm und Drang. 
I'm not making charitable donations of
inspirational ire.

In fact, I'm not giving away  anything.

Ron is.

If you don''t know Ron Anger's blog.
you're missing out.
Mr Anger is a blogging renaissance man.

He makes things and crafts things.
He's not afraid to use leather
and he's not afraid to make dolls.

(Where are all the male dollmakers? Humm?)

He's into Steampunk and Halloween,
and masks and DragonCon.
(He made the most amazing costume)
His blog is witty and engaging
and full of good stuff

And he's having a giveaway. 

Go here
So head on over, get acquainted with Mr Anger
(tell me that's not a seriously cool name?)
and take part in this giveaway!

Now for the

This was taken during
Halloween last year
at the famously haunted
Crescent Hotel,
in Eureka Springs,
This was our bedroom...

See the floating anomaly?
It's behind you!


  1. What a minute...aren't you supposed to post a picture of yourself or are you the anomaly?

    1. Lol. I've asked Ron if it needs to be a picture of me. I hope not, because I have nothing. Not a thing. I'm considering cheating and putting up a picture of me in a medieval dress, because that's all I have....

  2. Now that's what I'm talking about! This is a great shot! No, it doesn't have to be a costume photo....just a Halloween photo. But it must be yours!
    I love the orb! Too creepy!
    Thank you for the wonderful write up! I'm all blushed now. :)

    1. My pleasure, Ron! I love your blog and I'm still amazed by the range of things you can do,

  3. Mr. Anger sounds quite interesting! Looks like I better go and pay him a visit, if only to see the costumes!

    1. Oh yes. He made some amazing stuff in leather, including a pointed hat and a mask.

  4. You and Mr. Anger are really getting me in the mood for Halloween. Your orb scares me a little :)

    1. I have to admit, when I got back and had a chance to see the photos, I was a little perturbed!

      And Halloween's about 38 days away and flying closer on a broomstick!

  5. Thank you for sharing the giveaway. I agree - where are the male dollmakers? I know they are out there.

    I am glad you did not see the snomaly until you looked at the photos. I hope you slept well on your trip.

    1. T My pleasure and thank you for popping over!

      As for the Crescent, it being a haunted hotel was part of the lure, that and the whole Victorian vibe. We slept really well; the only odd incident that night was seeing someone walk past our window (three floors up...).

  6. Lucky you! I'm jealous... Would love to be able to stay at a famously haunted location overnight and investigate :D Such fun

    1. It was a pretty cool place to stay. There's not a lot of old stuff here in Arkansas so Hubby and I make a point of staying at Victorian hotels when we can, just for the atmosphere. The Crescent was pretty amazing.


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