Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dollmakers on Thursday: The Father Christmas Figure

Why Father Christmas? 

 Partly because I'm British and Educated Middle Class (it's a burden, I know). There was a terse comment in a British magazine that said you could tell if someone was middle class because they called the chap in the red suit and boots with a sack of toys 'Father Christmas' and not Santa Claus or Santa. 
They were being snarky, too...

Either way, this seems the time to embrace a doll that is universally accepted by everyone who celebrates this season.  He is welcome in all forms, from the young and lusty giant that is the The Ghost of Christmas Present'

 to a jolly old elf shamelessly touting soda.

(You will have to mentally apply your own image here.
 I'm not fighting Coca Cola for copyright))

Here are some inspiring artist made dolls

Father Christmas William Bezek

This splendid fellow is, unfortunately, sold. 
And I'm not surprised. He's a dear.  
For more on how he was made, thee's some information here.
For more works by 
William Bezek, 
see his Etsy shop here, and for 
new works and 
general all round inspiration, see his blog, here.
There's a pretty AMAZING door wreath, 
which I've featured here.

You want something more rustic, more Prim? 
How about a Santa Claus stump doll?

This glorious chap is made by the very talented 
Bethann Scott at The Stitch Fiddler

if you want something very glamorous, 
how about these by Cynthia Finnerty.

A green one in scalamandre silk

And this one. I, personally, have a weakness
 for  Father Christmases who looks like 

One more?

Have you been good?
I hope so. 
Apparently. he makes this list and checks it twice!
I mean, how does he have the time?
It's Christmas!

Do you, maybe, prefer cloth dolls,

 and Santas you can hug?

Do you like your Father Christmases 
to induce a warm smile

or a chuckle?

How about cloth Santas you can make?

and treasure for years?

These are all made by the wonderfully talented Deanna Hogan 
The patterns for these are all available here. 
or on Deanna's Etsy,

if you're not sure what kind of Father Christmas you like, 
there's literally a line up here. 
Papa Noel

To a Victorian Santa

How about a traditional Santa, for your 19th Century mantel display? 
These, made to traditional German methods by Two Sisters Studios, 
look like you found them in a locked chest of memories in your Great Aunt's attic.

These are some of my favourites.
 If you have your own, 
feel free to add to your comments.
 I'd love to see.

I have an ulterior motive for posting these.
Crafters who are anxious about making their own dolls
 will often venture out into making a Santa for Christmas decor.
 It's a doll everyone can make with confidence.
If you make a Santa, I'd love to see.
 If you make a Santa and decide you enjoyed it, 
branch out into other dolls. 
I'll hold your hand.
 I promise!


  1. I am Santa lover and painter. These are all wonderful and thank you for sharing.

  2. Those are gorgeous Santa Clauses...Father Christmases! What talent!


  3. Beautiful Santa's! I love the old German Santa's.


  4. A delightful assemblage of one of my most favoritest fellows....Thank you so much for the warm fuzzies....Happy December to you....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. One of the ladies that follows my blog makes lovely santas.

  6. Thanks for posting photos of all these wonderful dolls. I've always wanted to make a Belsnickel doll.

  7. My pleasure! And yes, I learned a new word! A Belsnickel! Always love finding new words. They do sound like a challenge to make, with all that fur!

  8. Wow! Thank you, Mary Ann! Yes, these are really lovely Father Christmases! C'mon people, don't be shy, show us your fav artisan Santa figures here!

    I should have made this a linky...

    Next Christmas, I'll make this a linky, ok?

  9. Wonderful post! So many different images, yes, for the old guy! Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St. Nick...I love them all! Thanks for stopping by and your comments on The Nutcracker and the Garibaldi biscuits. I have a friend in England who says their not the best biscuits...well, I've never had any before, so I don't know about that! lol I've never seen them in the stores around here - only online. I'm your newest follower!

  10. oops! I meant "they're" not the best. Are all of these dolls on your sidebar made by you? WoW! Amazing work! The only kind of doll I've ever made was one made completely out of natural materials - except for the face and hair, which I bought. But the dress was made from dried flowers, leaves, etc. Love your creativity!

  11. How did I completely miss this post??????
    *kicks self for not paying enough attention*
    Well, obviously, this possum has been naughty here of late, neglecting her blogging compatriot's blog shamefully, but perhaps I'll luck out this year, and Santa will bless me with a few trinkets and whatnots.
    Lovely post. I'm crazy about the whole collection, altho' I have my favorite.
    I'd like to see that golden one with the fairy on my mantelpiece someday.....
    Have a nice night!
    STT tomorrow!!!

  12. Belated P.S.: Bitchin' holiday header design!
    And I really ought to have said "Father Christmas" instead of "Santa" last night.
    My bad!

  13. Rhissanna, I just found your question about the rabbit ornament. I have a few left,
    I'll send one your way as a gift. It's made from a cookie press. Thanks for checking out my blog. Cindy

  14. Rhissanna, thank you for stopping by! Thank you for entering my giveaway, good luck!


  15. Thank you, Cindy! Welcome to a new follower! And yes, the dolls on the side bar are all mine. I'm ashamed to say, some of them aren't even finished but lying upside down in the craft/guest/dump-it-in-here room.

    Garibaldi? They were my Dad's favourite biscuits. Now I can't get them, I miss them!

  16. Hi Rhissanna, Come by my blog. I have a vintage garland tutorial and giveaway. Love all the Santa dolls. I need your address to send you the rabbit ornament.

  17. Oh! Oh! Really! Thank you SO MUCH Cindy over there at Crimson Heart Studios! Wow...that's wonderful! .I don't know what to say! That's so nice of you!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  18. The 5th Santa doll from the top, with the caption "Have you been good?
    I hope so." ... Is it for sale?

    1. Hi there! I think that one will be sold, as this post is two years old. Cynthia makes new ones every year, though and I think these ones are available

  19. The 5th Santa doll from the top, with the caption "Have you been good?
    I hope so." ... Is it for sale?

    1. That Santa is by Cynthia. He's sold but you can see more, here.

  20. Does anyone know anything about a Kathy Chamblin Santa Father Figure? If so, could you provide me with a place i could find this.


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