Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Polly at the Fair

 Right now, Polly is at the Fair and the nice lady running the exhibition booth took a photo of Miss Polly for me. She also complained that the doll exhibit had been reduced to a single short shelf. There was just enough room for Polly, her dolly and her chair, because a sweet pouting bunny, a dapper bear and another doll took up the rest of the space. I'm glad I didn't enter 3 dolls.

She does look a little nervous up there.

I didn't get any decent photos of her finished. Here's a fuzzy one. I hope to take more when I get her home again.

And, here's a picture of Polly posing on my worktable, with the unfinished doll I didn't enter. I sewed Polly's lace skirt on back-to-front and fixing that sucked up a lot of time, so the little doll never got any love at all.


Thank you all for the wonderful and supportive things you say! I'm thrilled to read them and I reply to each one.