Saturday, October 19, 2013

WIP : Lucy Westenra

Just spamming some photos of 
Lucy Westenra,

as it's Halloween
and I felt like making a
Halloween doll

Head sculpted, dried
and basic paint applied.

I now use the paper clay
to attach the shoulder plate
directly to the cloth torso.

See my green pepper?

Lucy has been given a skin tone
of pale, ladylike pink,
rather than undead white.

She has flaming red
Kool Aid hair,
orange flavour.

For her shroud,
I used a pattern for a
medieval chemise.

and the pattern is the same for a doll
as it is for a person.

The shroud falls from her shoulders,
to expose her throat.

Her sleeves end
in a lovely vintage trim
I've hoarded for ages,
waiting for the right doll.

Lucy's painted face,
waiting to be sealed.


  1. OK, I am in awe of this talent you have, I so want to go make a doll instead of dinner LOL, inspired but hungry, and wouldn't know where to start (the doll, dinner I'm ok with) ;)

    1. I am, at this moment, making dolls instead of dinner, but I do have some chicken simmering in star anise so it smells like I'm cooking! Thank you for your kind words; your painting suggest you would make some fascinating dolls.

  2. She's is something special....lovely:)

    1. Thank you so much, Mary Ann. I need to get her clothes finished, but I have to admit, this doll has pretty much made herself, much faster than my usual pace.

  3. You simply amaze me! She is stunning. Perfect doll for Halloween, and I love her hair color..
    Enjoy your weekend,

    1. Aww, thank you, Penny! I don't usually do dark dolls, but I dyed the kool aid hair and thought, that's bright enough for the wicked and doomed vampiric Lucy!

  4. Love the bite marks on the neck! Such a perfect depiction of Lucy.

    1. Thank you so much! I did wrestle with myself about the bite marks, but what's the point of Lucy's story without the bites, right? I have some red silk ribbon and I'm going to tie a pretty choker around her neck.

  5. Gosh you are good.....all of your dolls have such a quality to them that blows my MIND! Rhissanna, you are so talented, you can make ANYTHING. And the hair? STUNNING! Thank you precious artist, for coming to visit me under the October moon. How fantastic this time of year can be, no?

    Wishing you a splendid time enjoying what makes you shine! Anita

  6. As for the kool aid, I'd rather dye than drink it. (See what I did there?) It does make beautiful red heads. And thank you, that's very kind of you. Each doll I make teaches me something, which is why I go back for more and hope I never stop learning. Thank you for visiting, Anita.

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  8. i really enjoyed hearing about the process.
    Ah ~ and beautiful Lucy, once bitten ~ twice shy !

    1. Yes, indeed. I did fret about the bite marks, but she's hardly Miss Westenra without them. And thank you :)

  9. Girl you are fantastic!! I can't wait to see her finished!!! Is that two holes on her neck?????

    1. That is, indeed, two little fang marks in her neck :) And thank you! I'm glad you like her. Post above shows her all finished!


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