Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Teresa's doll collection and a good cause

This is just a quickie post
to support Teresa over at
A Magical Whimsy.

She's selling some of her
fabulous art doll collection
to help raise money for 
medical fees for her son.

Teresa has a wonderful eye
for art dolls and I'm not 
just saying that because
she bought one of mine.

This one!

I'm saying it because it's true.

If you're interested in 
beautiful, imaginative art dolls
and have a look as her lovely collection,
and maybe buy one?


  1. i love your rabbit doll and all your beauties! i just copied your free little bunny pattern and i will sew one for my little grand dtr she loves all animals and everything little, so perfect for her! tx so much for sharing and inspiring! aloha, angi in hana! i became a follower but u do not have to go to my site as i am so embarrassed i never do anything with it and have not posted forever, so embarrassing!

    1. Ooh! Thank you, Angi, so much for coming by. I'm so glad you like my bunny pattern and I hope you have fun with it. If you sew one, I'd love to see!

      As for the blog, never worry about posts. It's supposed to be fun, not homework!

  2. I also shared link to Teresa's recent post. Very sad she is selling away because of such reason.

    1. Thank you! That was very sweet of you. She has a lovely eye, Teresa, and she's chosen some beautiful dolls, a lit of them on the 'Alice' theme.

  3. I hope Teresa sells some of her dolls! Bless her son. I hope he is alright!

    1. I hope that, too. She is a lovely, generous lady to do this.

  4. I shared about Teresa as well. I hope she finds wonderful new homes for them all and her son continues to improve.
    While I will not be playing along this year I will return at some point in the next week to visit your Mad Tea post. Have a great time with it!

    1. Thank you so much for passing it on. We'll miss you at the Mad Tea! Tell you what, I'll save you a cup and some fairy cakes and macarons.


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