Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shashi and the Challenge.

Shashi over at
back in March.

The inspiration was this piece of string.

It looks like a profile, right?

The challenge was to make a doll's head
with this loop of string for the pattern.

Here is mine.

It really did make a cute face.
They're all inventive and charming.
Some people even made a whole doll
not just a head.

Sherry Goshan was one of the judges!
I got second prize!
I was thrilled!

Sherry very generously donated 
one of her e-mail doll patterns
as a prize and that will get its own post 
in the near future.

Shashi, dear WONDERFUL Shashi
sent a goodie bag to the prizewinners.

Just see this!

Silks! Fabulous, exotic silks!
Gold embroidered braids!
Everything to delight a dollmaker's heart!
Thank you, thank you!

The doll here is one of Shashi's own she sent me last year
for the Pay it Forward project.

I love it and keep it on display in my sewing room.

If you want to make one,  
Shashi has made the pattern 
for Itsy Bitsy
for FREE

Thank you so much

You're a star!

PS. If you're here for the 
I'm still typing.

Have a cup of tea and a cake and I'll be ready.


  1. Beverly it was my pleasure and I look forward to seeing another one of your wonderful creations being born out of that beautiful head you made

    1. You should have heard me squealing when I opened the parcel. You certainly know how to make a dollmaker happy! I'm hoping, if there's time, to give the head a body and clothes this weekend and if I get her all finished, she'll go to the County Fair as my entry in the Soft Sculpture category.

  2. That is such a great idea. Can't wait to see

    1. You see where I said 'If'? Final date for exhibits is Tuesday. Arghh! Running out of time!

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  4. Your doll's head is very dramatic! Love her! Yeh, second prize! Yepeee!! Love what you won!! Love Shashi's doll too ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. I'm glad you like her, Magic Love Crow. Shashi's spontaneously created pattern made such a lovely head, I really should give her a body!


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