Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red haired rag doll sitting by the pots.

 Today's doll.

Maybe if I post a doll image a day I'll get something done? Here she is, in all her fabric glory. If you're offended by naked rag dolls, look away now. She has a arm/shoulder joint I'm trying out, that gives her more movement than either up-and-down or forward-and-back. It also gives her shoulders, which I'm hoping will look better under clothes than other joints. The little satin-stitched heart idea came from my research into Raggedy Anns, which have a red heart with 'I love you' on their chest.

She has a poseable hand, with the fingers stuffed with pipe-cleaners. It's better than most hands I've done, so I'm encouraged.

Today is my daughter's birthday, so, Happy Birthday Daisy!

I have some sweet daisy patterned fabric that might just fit this doll, too.

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