Monday, April 22, 2013

Big project.

After restoring the
Infant of Prague
I was asked to make some alterations
to a large wall crucifix
 that hangs in a dark corner.

This is it hanging on my white wall.

It's a lovely piece
but with a dark oak cross 
and a bronze finish figure
it's pretty much invisible
where it hangs in the church.

The figure itself is beautifully modelled
with a lovely faux bronze patina.
I know this because I've had to restore this figure before
when he lost a thumb and some fingers,
and I had to match the paint finish.

This time,
I'm going to try to make him look like
a traditional carved and painted figure
as I don't think St Mary's has one.
It's a modern-ish building and most of the 
figures have a Mid-Century feel.

This is the first coat.

Sidestepping the loaded argument about
Christ's ethnicity
I've gone for a colour that's 
light enough to be seen in a dark corner
and will provide a contrast to the dark hair
and not be pink.

I'm not painting Jesus Piano Baby pink!

He really is beautifully sculpted
and the lighter colour shows the detail.

I hope to have him finished 
and back in place by
next Sunday.

I do feel privileged that 
the church trusts me with its
valuable and sacred figures.

In other news,
is finished!

Have some pictures!

Firstly, the 
Top Hat.

Feathers and lace.

Steam GPS compass.

Fully functioning antennae.

The veil can either be tucked up,
or pulled under the chin for a riding hat effect.

Like this.

Here she is
sans hat,
reading her notes.

I hope Spring has finally come to wherever you are.

Unless you're Antipodean,
 I hope you're having a wonderful Autumn.



  1. Such talent you have ! Lovely work on the figure giving it color that will show its detail and contast.
    And the Steampunk Rabbit ... well I am clapping wildly ... I am !

    1. And I'm blushing! What a lovely thing to say! Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. heh! That's ok. I read typo. Speak it, too!

  3. Love your fabulous steampunk bunny! She's adorable in her riding habit. I'm loving this new style!

    1. Thank you so much, Patti! I'm very glad you like her.

  4. That's wonderful you're able to restore/repair figures for your church. I think the crucifix will look wonderful when its done. It was so dark was a shame how much detail seemed to get lost!

    Love the steam punk rabbit! She turned out fantastic!

    1. Thank you, Mandy! I have to admit repaint the crucifix was a bit daunting, not least because I'm being entrusted with it, and it has to look right!

      And Steampunk Rabbit? She was a thrilling commission, and I've had a wonderful time putting her together. I'm going to miss her when she goes home.

  5. I love your Steampunk Rabbit...I want her hat but in my size LOL.

    1. Oh, thank you, Mary Ann. You know, I tried the hat on and it's just the right size for a little fascinator! I'd make another for myself, if I had anywhere to wear it. Walmart, maybe?

  6. You are doing a wonderful job on the crucifix!
    I totally love your Steampunk Rabbit!! I am always in "awwwwww", when I see your completed creations!!! Bravo ;o)

    1. Thank you, Oh Magic Love Crow! You say the nicest things!

  7. Awesome job on the painting....
    And you know I love all the little details on the Rabbit. You definately have a knack for that :)

    1. Thank you!

      The little details? The problem is knowing when to stop! I'm still considering little buttons on her elastic-sided boots. Sometimes I have to take a deep breath and step AWAY from the worktable, before I bury the poor doll in ribbon roses and tea-dyed lace.I think that's why 18th century fashion is so fascinating. Those people didn't know when to stop, either!

  8. You do wonderful work and the restoration looks lovely.
    Love your steam punk rabbit. What an adorable hat she has

    1. Thank you so much, Shashi. I'm going to miss Steampunk Rabbit when she goes. I think I'll have to make another one!

  9. Dear Rhissanna your work on him is magnificent ,it looks like the old pieces mom and grandmother used to have around their homes. I should not have neglected coming to see your lovely blog, so much to enjoy!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Flora. That's very sweet of you! I am aiming to make him look as traditional as possible. I love those old painted figures; they've always fascinated me.

  10. " I'm not painting Jesus Piano Baby pink!" This phrase is making me think all kinds of thoughts.

    Yes, I'm lurking around your past.

    Muahahahaha! *cough*

    1. I'll make you some coffee. You'll be awhile, as there's lots to see. Don't forget to peek in the skeleton cupboard!


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