Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rabbit Spam

Not that I'd eat rabbit spam.

Here is Steampunk Rabbit's progress so far,
in  a spammage of photographs.
I've also updated the pictures
in my Etsy shop.

Beginning painting

Painted torso and limbs,
before first sanding.

Head and eyes painted black.

Cold, dead eyes in grey.

Now eyes with colour and light!

Posing by the curtains.

Close look at eye.

Sitting on the mantelpiece in the

Glamour Shot.

So, now she is all made and just needs dressing!
I need to seal her paintwork and for that 
I have to wait for drier weather
at the weekend.

Also, I'm very honoured to be chosen to give her a name.
I'm considering Miss Lettie Delaval.

I am, of course, open to 
other ideas.
If you have a name for 
Steampunk Rabbit
please feel free
to put it in the comments.
If I pick a name
I will hand out prizes!

Like Alice!


  1. Looking good:) I like Modesty Blaze but I think that's been used before.

    Lady Samantha O'Hare
    Modesty Fay
    Amelia R. Lapin
    Lavinia Lapin

    1. Wow! You really put some thought into this! That's a nice list. I really like O'Hare!

      Wasn't there some hip sixties film called Modesty Blaise? Something based on a comic?

    2. She was a comic strip cartoon character that they made into a movie. I thought Blaze was a very appropriate surname because it's a term you use for black and white rabbits.

      Courtesy of Google:
      "The white markings found on the head of the Dutch rabbit. It covers the nose, whisker bed and runs along the jawline. The shape is that of a wedge, which tapers from the nose area to the base of the ears."

    3. Oh! Of course! That's very clever! Thank you!

  2. She's looking lovely so far!
    Isn't it amazing how much they come alive just by adding those little highlights to their eyes? I'm always so amused by that (its the very last thing I do just for that reason! Lol)
    Can't wait to see how you dress her. I bet she's going to be fabulous. :)

    1. It does make such a difference, doesn't it, just that dot of white? I don't think you're the only one who does it last, and I absolutely ubnderstand why. It bestows them with personality. Maybe if I did it last, I wouldn't feel so guilty about her sitting there, looking at me, still waiting for her clothes

  3. Well...I adore your Steampunk Rabbit!
    And I will have a go at a name, although I do like the one you picked out! How about 'Victoria Gloucester the Railway Maven'. I associate Steampunk definitely with railways for some reason.
    And you know I DO ADORE THE RABBIT I have from you AND I LOVE ALICE TOO!
    It is lovely to see you creating another rabbit...just in time for the season too!

    1. Thank you, Teresa! I was thrilled to be asked, specially as they wanted a black and white Dutch rabbit, too. It's lovely to be making one again.
      Victoria is a fab name. I understand about the connection to railways and the romance of steam travel, too.

  4. Beautiful gal, looking forward to seeing her finished!

    1. Oh, thank you!I hope to get some of her clothes sewn this weekend. Some lovely stuff arrived through the post for her.

  5. Your rabbit is stunning, beautiful! I know I say this about all your creations, but truly, you amaze me!! For a name, I don't know if I could top yours! Your rabbit is very alluring to me!

    1. Thank you, Magic love Crow! I have to admit, choosing just one name is going to be hard.

  6. She's gorgeous! I really love the way you painted her eyes, great detail. Thanks for sharing your progress. A name? Not sure....


    1. Thank you, Bethann. I'm lucky enough to have a bunny pose for me!


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